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Karason US Observer (5 years 8 months ago)

Tibet independence.

Guy321 Voted for China China (5 years 8 months ago)

All these idiots, lol. Tibet is a region in China, not an independent country. Look at a map for once :>

Cpt olimar GB Observer (5 years 9 months ago)

Tibet does not deserve to live under a communist nation maybe if you change your system people will be more accepting what they did was purely to have more red on the map theres no benifit to owning tibet

Jiang Luo US Observer (5 years 9 months ago)

I am Chinese-American, and I say to HELL with the CCP. GO, TIBET, FOREVER.

9/11 Psyop & the Holohoax US Observer (5 years 11 months ago)

Watch the following documentaries on Youtube that expose the so called Holocaust: The Last Days of the Big Lie, One Third of the Holocaust, David Cole in Auschwitz Full Documentary, More than Taboo, Herman Rosenblat a Holocaust Liar. If you want to know how 9/11 was pulled off watch the documentary September Clues on Youtube. Also Google: Vicsim Report. Then download the report. Forward the links to your friends. Motto: Never trust the Main Stream Media.

UkrainianNationalist US Voted for Tibet Tibet (6 years 2 months ago)


Who is really behind 9/11? IE Observer (6 years 2 months ago)

Google Septemberclues.info & watch the September Clues video on YouTube.

UkrainianNationalist US Voted for Tibet Tibet (6 years 3 months ago)


ALICAN TR Voted for China China (6 years 5 months ago)


Mart EE Voted for Tibet Tibet (6 years 7 months ago)

Every people who has a distinct culture , language and identity has the right to a homeland. Tibetans do not demand the annilihlation of Chinese language and identity, while the Chinese government wants the total elimination of Tibetan language and culture. This is satanic. The question can only be about the borders and level of independence or autonomy, not the basic fact itself: that Tibetans should have the right to be free,.Tibetan claim is not anti-Chinese. Chinese government is anti-human.

beny ID Voted for China China (6 years 10 months ago)

I think China is true....i see Daila Lama not a spiritual but political, he is a traitor and like an evil but have a baby face......Forza China..i luv u..

Bowser US Voted for China China (6 years 10 months ago)

im from USA and i\'m tired of western hypocrisy .. tibet belongs to CHINA.. and the west can\\\'t talk.. they are out occupying iraq,afghanistan, and now recently libya .. use their media to make everyone else look evil.. CHINA FOREVER.. screw dalai lama . and his brutal serfdom

WATCH DE Observer (6 years 11 months ago)

w w w.lot3.de

Vazgen GE Observer (7 years 1 month ago)

Tibet is beautiful place ! Let it free

Estonia. EE Voted for Tibet Tibet (7 years 2 months ago)

China is one of the biggest independent countries in the world. Why would you need Tibet? Let it free!

Fatihah MY Voted for China China (7 years 2 months ago)

Cina. please give Xinjiang free. China wants to control muslim Xinjiang Uyghur and Tibet. Support Uyghur against China

baku AZ Observer (7 years 4 months ago)

we support all land not half land our land separated but we will back it us. china not tibet

world voice Observer (7 years 7 months ago)

if you like Turks i lie you

TURKS Voted for Tibet Tibet (7 years 7 months ago)

chinese is barbarian

Dan GB Voted for Tibet Tibet (7 years 10 months ago)

This is what I think: I perfectly understand why the Chinese believe that Tibet is theirs because they conquered it. What I don\'t like is what they have done to the country. They send thousands of Chinese people there to overrun all the Tibetans, that is wrong. What I believe should happen is that the Chinese accept that there are and always will be Tibetan people in the land they conquered.

By: admin, April 27, 2009


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